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Be(come) a member...nudge a friend

With Spring looming, we are soon sending out an email to renew your membership. As we are looking at resurfacing our three grass courts (the green ones), a costly exercise which is stretching our finances, any donations are welcome. We had planned to run a number of fun and fundraising events this year, but due to the current situation, we had to cancel all until further notice. This makes it even more challenging to renew our courts...and yet: we are on it, we are determined.

So, with less fundraising opportunities currently, some other income resources (most likely or already cancelled like the International Summer Camp with the University), we do welcome any donations (nudge: there is a box on our membership form).

We have also set up a JustGiving page for donations. Be creative, be active, just imagine: if you nudge 5 of your best friends, neighbours (5 or 10 Pounds each) and match that...we can get there. Let's make this a success! But we need you all!

In the current situation with so many facilities closing, we would like to keep Kinburn tennis going as much as we can. Nudge your friends, bring them along (non-members play and display). We are also offering a temporary membership for 50 Pounds between now and end of June...or as long as the current situation lasts. Membership forms and contacts can be found on the homepage.

So why not take it as an opportunity - invite someone along and give it a go. Not the least as we posted a while ago - tennis keeps you fresh and with a long and happy life. 10 years for free...well, 50 Pounds or so. Bargain!

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