Club Champs Draw & Time Table, 13-15 September 2019

Here we go. Please see below the time table and the draw for our 2019 Club Championships. The times for Saturday and Sunday are subject to changes depending on players qualifying (makes sense), so please be flexible and patient...while you have your beer, burger, crepes or coffee...and enjoy the tennis.

Copies of the draws will be up in the clubhouse Tuesday, 10 September OR see copies below in slideshow.

Tennis Club Championships – St Andrews – 13-15 September 2019

Start Friday 13 September 2019, 5.30pm


MS Men Singles

LS Ladies Singles (Fast Four Format: sets to 4, tiebreak at 3 all – to 5 / sudden death &

no advantage)

MS35 Men Singles over 35

LS35 Ladies Singles over 35

MD Men’s Doubles

LD Ladies Doubles

MI Mixed

Schedule Friday 13 September 2019 - Barbecue starting 5.30pm


LS Rachel Russell Vs Klara Pastrnakova

LS Eliza McLachlan Vs Shelly Wares

MS Mate Cseke Vs Elliot More

MS Joshua More Vs Kevin Gilbert

MS Fabio Caiani Vs Simon Plummer

c. 6.30pm

LS Maggie Picken Vs Sandra Lowe

LS Laura Woolhead Vs Kirsty Stewart

MS Sam Woolhead Vs Stuart Bell

MS John Page Vs Mate or Elliot

c. 7.30pm

LD Chris & Sandra Vs Kirsty & Bea

LD Louise & Klara Vs Rachel & Vanessa

MD Kevin & Alan Vs John / Sean

MD Gregory & Fabio Vs Elliot / Joshua

Schedule Saturday 14 September 2019 – Café, Barbecue all afternoon, Party 7pm

Note: Schedule is subject to changes depending on players qualifying.


MS Semi 2 Sam or Stuart Vs N.N.

LS semi 1 Rachel or Klara Vs Eliza or Shelly

LS semi 2 Maggie / Sandra Vs Laura / Kirsty


MS Bernhard vs Joshua or Kevin

MS Fabio or Simon Vs Gregory


LS 35s Semi 1 Maggie vs Eliza

LS 35 Semi 2 Vanessa vs Laura

MS35 Semi 2 Fabio vs Alan

MD Bernhard & Geoff Vs Gregory & Fabio OR Elliot / Joshua


MS35 Semi 1 Simon vs Sean

MI Semi 1 Eliza & Kevin Vs Bea & Alan

MI Semi 2 Sean & Vanessa Vs Geoff & Laura


MS Semi 1 N.N. vs N.N.

LD Semi 1 Penny & Laura Vs N.N.

LD Semi 2 Shelly & Wendy Vs N.N.

Schedule Sunday 15 September 2019 – With Brunch on the decking.

Note: Schedule is subject to changes depending on players qualifying.


MI Final

MS Final

LS Final


MD Semi 2

MS35 Final



MS B Final

MD Final

LD Final

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