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2019 Club Champs! The heat is on!

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

You have three weeks to prepare! Three weeks! So no excuses this year. Go on YouTube watch Federer, do your beach runs, book a place at the Nadal Academy, read "Zen Tennis" (a good book!)...practice your serve or whatever it takes to be ready for the Grande Finale this year AKA our St Andrews Club Championship 2019.

Our Club Champs will be played over three weekends in late August and September. The dates are:

Minis are on 31 August (10am: 8u red ball; 2pm: 9u orange) and 1 Sept (10am: 10u green ball).

Juniors (18u) will be played 7-8 September.

Seniors 13-15 September 2019 (singles mens', ladies, over 35s, 50s, doubles and mixed). Matches will start Friday 13 September, 5.30pm, Saturday 14 September 10am.

For Seniors, sign-up deadline is: 1 September 2019. Contact:

For Juniors entry, please email Marjory:

Let us make this a festival of firework tennis! The famous "Kinburn Café" will be open, the crepes machine will be running, barbecue will be on all weekend. Caking, baking, donations are more than welcome.

Prizes not just for winners but for a number of categories, including "worst foot fault", “best (trick) shot of the weekend”, “best outfit”, “worst shank of the tournament”, “best impersonation”, “second serve ace”, “best volley”, “most double faults”...and perhaps more.

The schedule is:

Singles start Friday 13 September, 5.30pm (plus barbecue, weather no excuse), to be continued Saturday 14 September, 10am.

Doubles & Mixed pairs will be drawn out the hat (Saturday mid-day)

Family Party Saturday 14 September, 7pm with prizes

Finals Sunday late AM as "Triple F": Finals, Food & Fizz (on the decking)

Needless to say, our Club Champs are better than the Wimbledon VIP tent!

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