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In memoriam of Fergus Muir! What an evening...

What an evening on the Scottish Riviera! In the spirit of social tennis and in memory of our long friend and tennis enthusiast Fergus Muir who kept the club going for many years...we were out on a beautiful evening last week.

Normally, the Fergus Muir Cup is played

putting (first), followed by tennis. The putting..., well, had to be skipped this year. So, we went full on tennis with a fantastic turnout: all (ALL!) courts busy, doubles on, mixing partners, there were brutal slices, drop shots, clever lobs...

crowd supporting from the side lines...we missed the 1986 vintage Boris Becker dive. But there is always next year! Enjoy this years' impressions...and guess who the winner was. Congrats! And thanks to Hazel and Gus for organising everything.

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