• Bernhard Struck

Join us, play tennis, and we give you 10 (TEN) more years! For free!

Swimming, football, running, bowling, cycling...sure this is all good for you. But the fact is: tennis trumps them all when it comes to a long, healthy life around well-being. The German Tennis Magazine ran a story recently and there is more here.

Or if you really like the stats, here we go: A study in Denmark concluded, that multivariable-adjusted life expectancy gains compared with the sedentary group for different sports were as follows: tennis, 9.7 years; badminton, 6.2 years; soccer, 4.7 years; cycling, 3.7 years; swimming, 3.4 years; jogging, 3.2 years; calisthenics, 3.1 years; and health club activities, 1.5 years. (read here)

Tennis, it seems, offers the perfect blend of exercise, cardio, mental...and, of course, the social aspects. Come and play, join the club, live long and happy! Your hip and excuse.

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