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Put it! Then hit it! Fergus Muir Trophy, 3 July 2019

Just a reminder that our (highly fun, entertaining, and slightly competitive) Fergus Muir trophy will be played on Wednesday, 3 July 2019 starting at 6.30pm.

The fun starts with a round of putting at Kinburn followed by social tennis doubles.

The putting scores will be ranked so it doesn't matter how high (or low) your score is. Just how well you do compared with other people, so there is hope for non-golfers! The same thing will happen with the tennis scores. In the event of a tie the tennis score will take precedence. (E.g. player 1 is ranked 2 in putting but 1 at tennis, player 2 is ranked 1 at putting but 2 at tennis...then player 1 wins. Logical!)

The evening will be rounded off with prize giving, Pimms & soft drinks strawberries and meringues.

Entry is £3 which includes the cost of putting. We hope you manage, it's always a fun evening. And the forecast is good!

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