• Bernhard Struck

Rocky 2, Matrix 2, Batman 2...Tayside Tournament reloaded

There is a problem with sequels, we all know it. Rocky 2 as good or better than Rocky? Hm...but the good news is, it is different with Tayside Tournament 2 this weekend. Last week's Tayside Tournament (1) was a success: the tennis, the sun, the food AND Tayside Tournament this weekend will be even better. So, forget about Rocky 2 - come and join Tayside Tournament 2. This sequel will be even better.

Tonight, Friday 6pm onward some of our local (veterans and juniors) battling and competing (partly against shockingly fit youngsters). So come along and support Mike, Simon, John, Bernhard, Friday 6pm; Phoebe (U16 girls), Saturday 11.30am; Chris and Bernhard in doubles Saturday 7pm. Cannot promise sunshine though....

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