Our Coaches


Marjory Finlay

Head Coach

The St Andrews Tennis Club teams wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for Coach Marjory who oversees our strategy. Marjory is a certified LTA Level 3 coach. She is head, heart, and soul of our tennis coaching programmes with a focus on mini, junior, and adult beginner and improver coaching.


Sam Woolhead


A former student and graduate of St Andrews University and a RPT coach. He joined the St Andrews coaching team in 2015 focusing on junior development.

William Davidson


William has been a junior at the club since he was eight years old. He grew up in St Andrews and is a "product" of our own making. He is a student at Dundee College studying sports coaching and a certified LTA level 1 coach.

Skip Martinez


Skip has been at our club for years. He has developed a number of juniors at St Andrews. He is a certified LTA Senior Performance Coach, Level 4. He takes both individual as well as group sessions. 

Contact: 07542 000407 

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