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Court Bookings

Please read our Court Booking Policy below prior to booking a court

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Members can book through Clubspark by clicking the button below.

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Clubspark Booker App

You can book through the Clubspark Booker App. It can be downloaded following the links below:


Non-member Bookings

We are now open to the public for advance booking of courts via LTA Rally by clicking the button below.

Court Bookings: List

Member Bookings

Court Booking Policy

St Andrews Tennis Club

Courts 1-3

  • These courts are for members' use only. To protect the courts, wear tennis shoes and when finished, unless wet, sweep the courts using the mats provided.

  • A Member may bring a guest, provided that the guest pays the non-member fee.

  • Courts must be booked before play and for no longer than two hours.

  • Courts are booked via Clubspark, the names of all players entered with guests clearly identified and the appropriate fee paid at the time of booking.

  • All members have the same booking entitlements

Priority of Bookings - The following have priority over individual members' bookings:

  • Club fixtures at all senior and junior levels, any internal tournaments including the Club Championships and any external tournaments approved by the committee.

  • Club coaching programmes

  • Club social/practice programmes e.g. club night or team practices

  • Corporate member bookings

  • Club Coach or authorised person booking for private lessons. The Club Coach may make a maximum of three private bookings per day.

Court Bookings: Text
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